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Look For Less: Emmanuelle Alt

The Look for Less-Emm Alt


“Pardon? Je suis très, très stylish? Oui! Oui!”. Ok, my French may be rusty, but Emmanuelle Alt’s style is fresh to death.

Would you recreate this look for a mere $103, head-to-toe?

Happy Labour Day weekend, Lovelies!


The LOOK: trousers $29.95 | blazer $19.95 | tee $9.95 | belt $6.95 | heels $36


Fab Finds: Black & Grey

Black & Grey


Faaa-faaaa-faaaa-allll…..it’s almost here! Scary, I know. To ease the sadness of the impending 8 months of cold weather, I like to focus on the best part of fall: fashion!

Black and grey is my classic fall combo, and with each of these pieces ringing in at under $100, I think (maybe) everything will be ok. (Until the first snowfall…).

the look: coat $69.95 | sweater $19.95 | skirt $29.95 | handbag $99.90 | boot $79.90

Fab Finds: Wedges Under $100

Wedge Under $100


Wedges often produce tacky visions of suburban strip mall tanning salon owners, tight black capris, Kate Gosselin and bejewelled acrylics. Fair? Probably not. True? You know it!

Despite their dumpy connotations, wedges deserve a rightful spot in any summer wardrobe. Need to look like you’ve made an effort, but still suffering from an ill-timed walk home in 4 inch heels? Wedges! Outdoor wedding shower? Pass that wedge. All day, multi-venue bachelorette party? That call for a wedge- or a really strong martini(s!).

What you think, girls? Am I right, or one small tragic step away from a Juicy tracksuit and white patent Guess handbag? Let’s discuss! x


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