Splurge or Save

Splurge or Save: Kate Spade vs. Zara

Kate Spade vs Zara

Zara, I ain’t mad at cha. Although your offering is an obvious knockoff of the Kate Spade ‘Charles Street Kenton’, your subpar (but acceptable!) PVC finish makes everything alright. My only ask? Why bother with the très tacky gold clasp? Not needed!

What do you think Ladies? Splurge or Save?

KATE SPADE $398 |  ZARA $79.90 


Splurge or Save: Salvatore Ferragamo vs. H&M

Salvatore Ferragamo vs. H&M


H&M, you’ve outdone yourself this time. The fast fashion retailer has managed to produce a rather worthy replica of this classic Ferragamo flat. Although the faux patent leather will never be as supple as its luxury counterpart, major points must be given for the slightly angular shape and identical heel height.

Would you Splurge or Save?

Salvatore Ferragamo $450.00 | H&M $34.95

Splurge or Save: Isabel Marant Sandals or Zara Leather Sandals

Isabel Marant vs Zara


Isabel Marant Elva Bow Tie Thong Sandals or Zara Leather Bio Sandals With Studs. Is there some kind of unspoken rule that the longer it takes to put on the shoe, the wordier name should be? Seems apropos, as do both options of this practical black flat.

What do you reckon, Fashaloonies? Splurge or Save?

Isabel Marant $510 | Zara $99.90

Splurge or Save: Zara or Oasap

Zara vs Oasap
I have to hand it to my fellow blogger Eccentric Owl.
When I spied this green palm print dress on her latest blog post, I immediately recognized it as Zara…but I was humbly mistaken! As I scrolled to the bottom of the post, I was surprised to find a link to online fashion retailer Oasap. At one-fourth of the cost of the Zara version, I knew it was too good not to share with my lovely readers.
Would you (mildly) Splurge or Save?


OASAP $21.52 | ZARA $99.90

Splurge or Save: Valentino Mary Janes or Seychelles Pump?

Valentino vs. Seychelles

Valentino Tango Matte Leather Mary Janes Pumps or Seychelles Green Room Pump? Be it the matte or patent option, you know you’ve invested in an instant classic with these Dorothy (and Man Repeller!) approved ruby red shoes.

Do you love the vintage vibe?


Valentino  $835.00 | Seychelles $39.94

Splurge or Save? Prada Suede Ankle Wrap Sandal vs. Zara Leather Ankle Strap Sandal

Prada Suede Ankle Wrap Sandal vs. Zara Ankle Strap Sandal. Wrap vs. Strap. $500 standing between you and the real deal.

So what do you reckon, Ladies? Is it Prada or nada, or is this sandal just too basic for its designer price tag?

Prada vs Zara

PRADA $687.50 | ZARA $79.90

Splurge or Save? Gianvito Rossi Plexi Pump vs. Le Chateau Patent Pointy Pump

To put it plainly, Gianvito Rossi produces pump perfection. The shape of his designs are sleek and chic- I’m still swooning over these powder blue pumps from January! It’s no surprise a high street store has lifted a little inspiration from his creations, and by the look of it, they’ve done a pretty good job!

What do you think, Ladies? Splurge or Save?

Gianvito Rossi vs Le Chateau

Gianvito Rossi $770 | Le Chateau $120

Splurge or Save: Charlotte Olympia Zodiac Flats vs. Material Girl Ballet Flats

I blogged about the Charlotte Olympia Zodiac Collection last year, as the full range of 12 unique zodiac flats really caught my eye. What commitment! It looks like Material Girl has gotten in on the fun and produced its own offering of the cosmic creation.

I  love the personal touch of Charlotte Olympia option, as you’re able to actually choose your true zodiac symbol. (The Material Girl range only has 3 styles). If I found a pair of the real deal on discount, I would probably Splurge.

What do you think, Ladies? Splurge or Save?

Charlotte Olympia Zodiac Flat vs Material Girl


Charlotte Olympia Gemini Flats $802.77 | Material Girl Frangos Ballet Flats $48.30

Splurge or Save: Chanel Giant Pearl Choker vs. Zara

I was just waiting for this one! It was only a matter of time before Zara paid homage to the hottest necklace for Spring: the giant pearl choker. Is it a choker? I suppose not, maybe “collar” is more appropriate for this style. Blatant Chanel Knockoff works well, too!

Chanel vs Zara FatFreeFashion

Chanel RTW S/S 2014 | ZARA $25.90

I LOVE this necklace! It is the perfect statement piece to dress up minimalistic basics. The only downside is you know that everyone will be wearing it, but if you love it, I say Save! It’s only $25.90. 

Happy Friday, Lovelies! xx


Splurge or Save: Givenchy Double-Strap Sandals vs. Zara Leather Sandal With Buckles

Behold, Ladies, the sandal style of the Summer 2014: the slide, the faux-birk, the haute-birk- whatever you coin it, every colour, texture and embellishment awaits you in just a few mere months. Horrified or happy, they are here to stay for 2014!

This is clearly a Save for me, as a style as chunky, flat and wide will obviously be comfortable, regardless of the price point. Thoughts?

givenchy vs zara

Givenchy $825 | Zara $99.90