River Island

Oversized Everything

Oversized Everything


I don’t know about you, but suddenly everything in my closet is somehow feeling a bit too snug.

Skinny jeans? No thanks. Sleek sheaths? Pass. Leather leggings? Errm, no. Maybe it’s the every-other-day occasional summer soft-serve talking, but I’m all about oversized everything for Fall.  Comfortable. Chic. Cozy 2.0.

Are you into this aesthetic?

leather trousers $279 |   ribbed dress $79 |  animal tee $49 |  kimono wrap dress $137 | flatforms $64


The Look For Less: Julia Sarr-Jamois

The Look for Less- Julia Sarr-Jamois


Julia Sarr-Jamois is beyond trends. Who else could possible combine these pieces without looking like a total lunatic? Impressed.


River Island coat  $100 | Seychelles red heels $39.94 | Gap jeans $79.95 | Zara top $29.90 | Asos sunglasses $22.58

The Look For Less: Poppy Delevingne

For all the press little sis Cara receives, it’s easy to forget that big sis Poppy Delevingne is a model with her own impressive resume. Racking up campaigns for Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Alberta Ferretti is nothing to sniff at, and her personal style is the stuff West End Girls’ dreams are made of.

Do you love her polished look?

The Look for Less- Poppy Delevingne

New Look blouse $27.70 | River Island heels $90| Reiss coat $495 | H&M trousers $39.95

What To Wear: Holiday Party

Can there ever be too much bling during the holidays? I think not. Give the Christmas tree some serious competition and sparkle head to toe in this stunning outfit.

What to Wear- holiday Party

skirt | necklace | clutch| top | earrings | heels


Straight Slippin’: Slip Dresses on Trend for Summer

We are having a major ’90s moment of late (crop tops, overalls, denim vests) so it was really only a matter of time before the ubiquitous dress of the ’90s- the slip dress- slinked back onto the style radar. This understated evening piece oozes sexiness, but there are plenty of ways ace this look without giving sophistication the slip for the evening.


To rock this dress with class, consider the following:


Skip the Embellishments

The key to choosing a slip dress that doesn’t fall firmly into the negligee category is really down to the embellishments, or rather, lack-thereof. Silk is a delicate, sensual fabric that needs no additional adornment- it’s beauty is in its simplicity. To keep this look glamorous, steer clear of lace trim along the décolletage or hemline and appliqué of any kind is a big-time fashion-fail for this type of frock.


Minimalistic Shoes

To compliment such a sleek dress, heels should be minimalistic in design, and yes, heels are an absolute must for a slip dress. Anything less is way too reminiscent of a nightie, which is never the look. Avoid chunky heels at all costs, as they fight the flow of the fabric.


Sleek Accessories

Delicate jewellery and sleek accessories complement this understated look. Chunky pieces look contrived and can overshadow the nonchalant vibe this dress emits.


Finishing Touches 

Big, sexy bedroom hair looks all wrong with this sleek silhouette. A streamlined ‘do is critical clincher to tie this whole look together. Try slicked back hair or a sleek bun for chic sophistication.  



Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 10.23.00 AM


Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 10.26.51 AM

Rihanna For River Island Summer Collection: A Lesson In “Chick”


UK high street fashion brand River Island is embarking on its second capsule collection with Rihanna. The collection, which will be available for purchase on May 25th, is primarily everything that you’d expect from the supergyal pop princess: short, sheer and unapologetically skimpy. The pieces are loosely 90s inspired- think black floral prints, spaghetti strap dresses and a baggy hooded shirt dress.

Much like the faded green tie-dye print, the feeling of this collection is muddled and incoherent. The cut of the sheer mullet dresses already feel dated, which is unfortunate because the vibrant red is fantastic and fresh. The pebble coloured knotted skirt with matching off-the-shoulder ruched top has all the right ingredients for a sexy summer outfit, but the sleazy full-frontal slit renders it practically useless.

Critically speaking, the tailoring lacks the practically needed to sell-through on the high street. Despite the press video (below), in which a pressed Rihanna slowly tries to formulate an articulate opinion on her collection (honey, it’s chic, not chick…) it becomes obvious that although she has an innate handle on her signature gansta-couture style, translating that into an exciting collection was easier said than done.

There are some potential winners, but less the fab floral cropped pant and tie-dye jumpsuit, the overall theme of the collection is too costume-esque to generate any major style hits off the stage.