Oversized Everything

Oversized Everything


I don’t know about you, but suddenly everything in my closet is somehow feeling a bit too snug.

Skinny jeans? No thanks. Sleek sheaths? Pass. Leather leggings? Errm, no. Maybe it’s the every-other-day occasional summer soft-serve talking, but I’m all about oversized everything for Fall.  Comfortable. Chic. Cozy 2.0.

Are you into this aesthetic?

leather trousers $279 |   ribbed dress $79 |  animal tee $49 |  kimono wrap dress $137 | flatforms $64


InstaFashion: My Week In Photos



Behold, another week in Instafashion! Truth be told, until I started capturing my daily looks on camera, I had no idea of my obvious penchant for prints! Maybe I should leave some for the rest of Toronto, eh? Even my sneakers are loaded! Time to balance out with a few solids. #unlikely…;)

Denim…and a print.



Let me introduce you to my giant fivehead…and another print! 



New Asics kicks. If you’re a runner, you NEED them! So comfy. 


Floral Tiers & Comfy Slides


More Floral. Ok…I have a problem #printoverload



Have a great weekend, Lovelies! 

InstaFashion: My Week In Photos

photo 1-52

I’ve been a bad blogger. The time I usually devout to creating content has somehow been overshadowed by squeezing out the last few weeks of summer (and the allure of my badminton rackets…) #majorgeek. I promise to get back on track this week, Fashaloonies! In the meantime, here is my week in InstaFashion!

 Have a fabulous weekend! xx

A Spot Of Denim

photo 5-28

White Tuxedo Skirt

photo 4-41


$10 Skirts Make Me Jump For Joy (and so does a fabulous vineyard…;)

photo 3-44


Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

photo 2-52

Fab Finds: Black & Grey

Black & Grey


Faaa-faaaa-faaaa-allll…..it’s almost here! Scary, I know. To ease the sadness of the impending 8 months of cold weather, I like to focus on the best part of fall: fashion!

Black and grey is my classic fall combo, and with each of these pieces ringing in at under $100, I think (maybe) everything will be ok. (Until the first snowfall…).

the look: coat $69.95 | sweater $19.95 | skirt $29.95 | handbag $99.90 | boot $79.90

Splurge or Save: Salvatore Ferragamo vs. H&M

Salvatore Ferragamo vs. H&M


H&M, you’ve outdone yourself this time. The fast fashion retailer has managed to produce a rather worthy replica of this classic Ferragamo flat. Although the faux patent leather will never be as supple as its luxury counterpart, major points must be given for the slightly angular shape and identical heel height.

Would you Splurge or Save?

Salvatore Ferragamo $450.00 | H&M $34.95

The Look for Less-Mira Duma


Russian socialite Miroslava Duma is a haute little mixmaster. Although there’s not a thing “budget” about her, her love of exaggerated silhouettes, bright colours, bold prints and intricate embellishment make her a fun street style star to follow. This particular look is a rarity: subdued (for her) and easily attainable for under $100!

Do you love her style?

dress $24.00 | shoes $47.80 | sunglasses $6.80 | clutch $12.95 | necklace $6.95

Look For Less: Lisa Dengler of Just Another Fashion Blog

The Look for Less-Lisa Dengler, Just Another Fashion Blog


Lisa Dengler of Just Another Fashion Blog isn’t really just another fashion blogger- she’s a great one!
Her tailored summer look is perfect for a casual day out, or the office- with a simple shirt swap, of course.
Do you love her look?

camisole $17.95 | trousers $73.48 | loafers $58.00 | coat $145.12 | bag $29.95 | sunglasses $9.95


LITTLE BLACK DRESS: 3 Work Outfits For Under $100

1 Piece 3 Ways- LBD For the Office


Assembling an office wardrobe on the cheap that doesn’t look cheap is no easy task. Decent fabrications and modest hemlines are an absolute must- and if you don’t have the time or inclination to suss out great pieces- can often translate into higher price points.

Lucky for you, I’ve been stretching dem dolla, dolla bills yo’ since I earned my first “real” (extremely modest) corporate paycheck, and am now a seasoned pro at styling a wardrobe that’s cheap, chic and water cooler friendly- with absolutely no Ann Taylor, Banana Republic or J.Crew required.

Do you love these looks?


1. Modern Layering: dress $39.95 | t-shirt $6.95 | sandals $43.80 | blazer $12.94

2. Boho Femme: sandals $35.80 | kimono $19.99

3. Classic Prep: blazer $29.99 | heels $35.80




1 Piece, 3 Ways: Striped Dress, Under $100 Each Outfit!

1 Piece 3 Ways Striped Dress

It’s Spring. You’re broke. Everything in your wardrobe is tired, dated and just plain wrong. The urge to splurge on a statement piece that will spice up the dressing doldrums is high, but for sanity sake, step away from the fluro midi and reach for a simple striped dress that has the potential to be anything, for nearly every situation. True, on its own the dress is every shade of ‘meh’, but paired with the right accessories, this basic baby is a sartorial superstar. With each complete outfit ringing in under $100, updating your Spring look is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Do you love a good stripe as much as I do? What is your favourite way to style it?


1. WEEKEND CASUAL: dress $29 | sneakers $37.63 | handbag $40

2. DATE NIGHT: mules $40 | cuff $14.95 | clutch $12.95

3. BEACH VACATION: clutch $34.95 | necklace $19.95 | sandals $12.94

The Look For Less: Blair Eadie

NYC girl-about-town Blair Eadie doesn’t do anything on the cheap, but that doesn’t mean we can’t replicate her looks for one-thirtieth the cost of her Chanel bag(s!).

The whole outfit, for Under $160! Do you love this look?

The Look for Less-Blair Eadie


skirt $12.80 | socks $13.00 | tote $29.80 | pumps $39.94 | t-shirt $28.00 | denim $34.95