InstaFashion: My Week In Photos



Behold, another week in Instafashion! Truth be told, until I started capturing my daily looks on camera, I had no idea of my obvious penchant for prints! Maybe I should leave some for the rest of Toronto, eh? Even my sneakers are loaded! Time to balance out with a few solids. #unlikely…;)

Denim…and a print.



Let me introduce you to my giant fivehead…and another print! 



New Asics kicks. If you’re a runner, you NEED them! So comfy. 


Floral Tiers & Comfy Slides


More Floral. Ok…I have a problem #printoverload



Have a great weekend, Lovelies! 


InstaFashion: My Week In Photos

photo 1-52

I’ve been a bad blogger. The time I usually devout to creating content has somehow been overshadowed by squeezing out the last few weeks of summer (and the allure of my badminton rackets…) #majorgeek. I promise to get back on track this week, Fashaloonies! In the meantime, here is my week in InstaFashion!

 Have a fabulous weekend! xx

A Spot Of Denim

photo 5-28

White Tuxedo Skirt

photo 4-41


$10 Skirts Make Me Jump For Joy (and so does a fabulous vineyard…;)

photo 3-44


Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

photo 2-52

InstaFashion: My Week In Photos


 Loving my BrittanyChristinaDesign fishing lure earrings! Perfect for summer.


Stacking chunky bracelets- no dainty bangles for me!


  These leather Modern Vintage sandals are soooo comfy- highly recommend the brand. Quality.


White leopard and red toes.


Doing the Polka with my “new” vintage leather purse gifted to me from my dear Gram.


Bright pants are my calling card. Still loving this silk tie-dye pair from Zara.


 Loving my destroyed denim. Ripped torn in Zara.


Ok, so it’s pretty obvious the My Style series on FatFreeFashion has been seriously neglected. Arranging the tripod outside my building or asking my Hubster to take a few pics of me everyday isn’t something that’s easily accomplished, so I’ve resorted to the next best method: Instagram!

Snapping a few #fromwhereIstand and #ootd pics is foolproof (and actually pretty fun!) so all of my outfit shots are there. If you’d like to join me, check out FatFreeFashion on Instagram. If you’re craving another slice of style inspo, but aren’t into Instagram, I’ll be sharing my looks here as a weekly round-up.

Have a great week, Fashaloonies! x 

How To: Summer Layer Like A Pro

Summer Layering- Tees Under Bralets & Dresses
Early summer weather is fickle. Hot as hell, cold fronts, humidity, wild wind and the inevitable torrential rain- all occurring in the span of a couple of hours! #stoptheinsanity.
For most of us, layering clothing is essential to prevent us from a) freezing our asses off  b) preventing sunburns on those hard-to-reach spots and c) optimizing the lovely summer pieces we’ve got hanging in our closets.
Because waiting until August is NOT an option, here are 3 chic styling tips to layer like a pro.
Summer Layering-4 Chambrays As Coats Summer Layering-White Tees Under Everything
What’s your favourite way to layer up for summer?

Style Serving: Fur Sure

This Forever 21 fur vest has been in my winter wardrobe rotation for at least 5 years, although I doubt it’s gotten more wear than it has this winter- the coldest in 37 years?! Crazy.

photo 3-2

Admittedly, removing my coat to snap a couple of pictures was nothing short of painful. -20?! Not impressed. Kudos to all my favourite style bloggers who’ve endured the frigid temps for the perfect shot- it’s a lot harder than it looks!

photo 2-5 photo 1-5

vest: Forever 21 | shirt: Forever 21 | pants: Zara | boots: DKNY | earrings: Le Chateau | necklace: Marc By Marc Jacobs

Splurge or Save: Givenchy Double-Strap Sandals vs. Zara Leather Sandal With Buckles

Behold, Ladies, the sandal style of the Summer 2014: the slide, the faux-birk, the haute-birk- whatever you coin it, every colour, texture and embellishment awaits you in just a few mere months. Horrified or happy, they are here to stay for 2014!

This is clearly a Save for me, as a style as chunky, flat and wide will obviously be comfortable, regardless of the price point. Thoughts?

givenchy vs zara

Givenchy $825 | Zara $99.90

The Look For Less: Kate Hudson

Actress, Ann Taylor brand rep, Almay brand ambassador- Kate Hudson is an industry force to be reckoned with! The American beauty has sharpened up her personal style in recent years, but always adds a touch of her signature boho flare- check out that chic shaggy black coat!

Do you love this look?

The Look for Less- Kate Hudson

coat $36.91 | jeans $14.00 | sweatshirt $37.80 | handbag $40.74 | boots $98.00

Splurge or Save? Celine Summer 2014 vs. Zara

When shopping in Zara, I like to play a little game: Spot The Designer Knockoff. The game isn’t terribly difficult. Upon entry to the store, mastering it takes approximately 10 seconds, and you’ll undoubtedly be a winner during every single visit! All it takes is a little seasonal brush-up (pun intended) on your favourite luxury brands.

Take Celine’s Summer 2014 collection, for instance. Arty brushstrokes on a white canvas isn’t too hard to spot hanging front and centre on a high street rack. The inspiration is obvious! Now the only question is…Splurge or Save?

Celine vs Zara

Celine | Zara