Fab Finds: Patchwork Pieces

Patchwork Pieces


Patchwork denim will always remind me of Chloe Spring 2010 collection. So good. Nailing the chic-hobo look is no easy feat, but these shabby pieces make a misstep practically impossible.

Are you into this look? 

jeans (blue) $35.99 | shirt $135 | bag $68.06 | skirt $328 | jeans $59.99 | dress $116.83


Splurge or Save? Chloé Flat Sandal vs. Zara Leather Sandal With Metal Detail

Chloé Flat Sandal vs. Zara Leather Sandal With Metal Detail: I’m really struggling to see the source of inspiration in this face-off, aren’t you? *Insert eye-roll here*.

There is no way in hell I’d pay more than $100 for a pair of (admittedly awesome!) glorified prison shoes, and neither should you. If you love this style, head on over to Zara before these comfy slides sell-out.

Chloe vs Zara

Chloé $918 | Zara $79.90

Splurge or Save: Chloé vs. Forever 21

Sure, there ain’t nothing like the real thing baby, but Forever 21 has thrown down a pretty valient effort with their interpretation of the Chloé Suzzana Studded Ankle Boot. True- the F21 version is down a strap, a buckle and a few (hundred) studs, but for less than $50, I think we can handle it!

What do you think ladies, Splurge or Save?

F21 vs Chloe

Forever21  $47.80 | Chloé (Sale!)