Look For Less: Elena Psalti

The Look for Less-Elena Psalti

Every now and then you spy an outfit and think “I don’t know how she thought of pairing that combo, but this is genius!”. Clearly Elena Psalti knows that bodycon dresses and 5-inch heels aren’t my jam. This? SO is! I’m loving the practical green socks. Nothing can ruin a day of running errands faster than cold ankles and sweaty feet!

Are you into this quirky look? 

jumpsuit $40 |  jacket $105 | sneakers $45 | sunglasses $44| handbag $69 | socks $6.38


Look For Less: Diletta Bonaiuti

The Look for Less-Diletta Bonaiuti

Looking fab from head to toe for under $175?! I don’t know about you, but I’m LOVING this look! Easy, comfy and seriously cool. Ah Italianas, you make it look so easy!

The LOOK: jeans $29.99 | tee | keds $49.26 | blazer $36 | clutch $39

Look For Less: Emmanuelle Alt

The Look for Less-Emm Alt


“Pardon? Je suis très, très stylish? Oui! Oui!”. Ok, my French may be rusty, but Emmanuelle Alt’s style is fresh to death.

Would you recreate this look for a mere $103, head-to-toe?

Happy Labour Day weekend, Lovelies!


The LOOK: trousers $29.95 | blazer $19.95 | tee $9.95 | belt $6.95 | heels $36

Look For Less: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

The Look for Less-Rosie HW

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is spot-on in this chic Fall look. Opting for cognac boots instead of the expected basic black add interest to an outfit with no apparent accessories.

Do you like this look?

 dress $54.43 | boots $269

Look For Less: Ilona Stolie

The Look for Less-Ilona Stolie


Latvian-born, Russian It Girl Ilona Stolie is an Instagram style star. Despite never headlining in any major campaigns, she’s managed to amass an impressive 26,855 followers…what a world?!

Do you like her Femme Tux? 

The Look: blouse $63.18 | blazer $39.95 | trousers $39.95 | bow tie $14.95 | heels $185 | clutch $49.95 | sunglasses $6.80

Look For Less: Keri Russell

The Look for Less-Keri Russell


Felicity! 16 years on and I really can’t recall any notable roles Keri Russell has starred in since, but I’ll put it down to her choice of genre (Sci-Fi, Hollywood Blockbuster)…not my thing. But LOOK at her style! Simple. Understated. Chic. Utter perfection in my books.

Do you love this look? 


t-shirt $22 |  skirt $99.99 | mules $118.59 | mules $671.32 | bangle $38

Look For Less: Miranda Kerr

The Look for Less-Miranda Kerr


Love her or loathe her, there’s no escaping Miranda Kerr. H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Swarovski, Mango, Qantas, Escada,  Instagram…if you’ve used a smartphone in the last 5 years, you’ve become accustom to seeing Kerr’s cherubic face heading a host of high-profile campaigns, from international apparel chains to major airlines.

Do you love her personal style? 

white jeans $38.99 | denim shirt $29.99| handbag $29.95 | shoes $34.95 | sunglasses $6.95

The Look for Less-Lizzy Vanderligt


A big ol’ floral print, overalls and espadrilles = respectable adult jammies & slipper combo. Hello, Sunday morning market!

Are you into the overalls trend, or is this look a bit too infantile for your tastes?

espadrilles $19.05 | blouse $15.99 | overalls $46.90

The Look for Less-Mira Duma


Russian socialite Miroslava Duma is a haute little mixmaster. Although there’s not a thing “budget” about her, her love of exaggerated silhouettes, bright colours, bold prints and intricate embellishment make her a fun street style star to follow. This particular look is a rarity: subdued (for her) and easily attainable for under $100!

Do you love her style?

dress $24.00 | shoes $47.80 | sunglasses $6.80 | clutch $12.95 | necklace $6.95

Look For Less: Julie Chanes of Seams For A Desire

The Look for Less-Julie Chanes, Seams of a Desire

Stripes or spots? Both!

Spanish blogger Julie Chanes won’t be searching for compliments in this ‘Where’s Waldo?’-esque outfit. The Seams For A Desire blogger mixes prints like a pro, tying it all together with a neutral tan leather belt.

Do you like her style?

skort $49.90 | shirt $49.90 | belt $6.95 | heels $34.98 | handbag $25.80