Fab Finds: Patchwork Pieces

Patchwork Pieces


Patchwork denim will always remind me of Chloe Spring 2010 collection. So good. Nailing the chic-hobo look is no easy feat, but these shabby pieces make a misstep practically impossible.

Are you into this look? 

jeans (blue) $35.99 | shirt $135 | bag $68.06 | skirt $328 | jeans $59.99 | dress $116.83


The Tiny Times: Dainty Watches For Fall

The Tiny Times

Truth be told, I only own 2 watches. One large Michael Kors lucite piece and another small Bulova.  Another truth? I never wear them anymore! Ever since my iPhone and I became full-time lovers, strapping on a watch seems relatively pointless, but these dainty little watches have me thinking twice. For around $100 and under, I think maybe it’s time to revisit the watch.

Are watches still a must for you, or has your iPhone pretty much become the standard for telling time?


braided gold $108.34 | brown strap $46.17 | dark brown $93.73 | black $100.47 | silver $100 | black & tan $95.06 | black & white $60 | tan $32.66

Fab Finds: Black & Grey

Black & Grey


Faaa-faaaa-faaaa-allll…..it’s almost here! Scary, I know. To ease the sadness of the impending 8 months of cold weather, I like to focus on the best part of fall: fashion!

Black and grey is my classic fall combo, and with each of these pieces ringing in at under $100, I think (maybe) everything will be ok. (Until the first snowfall…).

the look: coat $69.95 | sweater $19.95 | skirt $29.95 | handbag $99.90 | boot $79.90

Fab Finds: Cute Coordinates

Cute Coordinates


Cute coordinates. All Under $200. Are you into coordinates, or are they too much of a good thing?


YELLOW shorts $29.99  jacket $49.99

DAISY  jacket $110 skirt $73

PINK FLORAL top $24 skirt $50

GREEN FLORAL top $73.57 $101.16 skirt

5 Fab Beers For Summer



Diet Coke and Karl Lagerfeld. Ladurée and Nina Ricci. Fashion blogging and beer? Fashion is all about collabos, so sit back, relax and get ready for a major craving.

My journey to brewski love was a long and unexpected one: I didn’t have my first full bottle of beer until I was 27 years old. Why? Well, I’d like to say I was teetotal (#nothappening), but the truth was,  I liked the hard stuff! Vodka, rum, wine- if you could pour it over ice, swirl it, or adorn it with an umbrella, it was probably on my list of weekend indulgences. My aversion to beer could be put down to pure disinterest, until one fateful night at an overpriced restaurant, I discovered the beauty of beer.

‘Twas a hot and steamy night, and my inner wino was calling out for a cold, crisp glass of pinot gris. After perusing the menu and deciding that $15 for the “cheapest” glass of wine was simply too much, I spotted the $6.50 bottle of Peroni. I ordered the beer. It was crisp. It was tasty. It wasn’t bloating, and I actually liked the taste! It was a turning point. I was no longer a beer virgin! As my discovery of beers expanded, it became evident that light beers were my thing, and can now offer 5 Fab Beers For Summer. Thirsty? Read on.


Summer Beers



1. Blanche De Chambly: Crisp and light, with aromas of citrus and spice, this Quebec beer is widely available in Ontario and never disappoints. The perfect summer beer.

2. Ožujsko Limun: When life gives you lemons, make a yummy fruit beer! I discovered this delicious brew a couple of summer’s ago while on vacation in Zagreb. The taste is sweet, with a hint of tart lemony sourness to it, making it the perfect sipping beer for a hot day on the patio.

3. Kronenberg 1664 Blanc: The French have great taste, and this beer is no exception.

4. Rickard’s White: Ah, Rickard’s White, or as I like to call it “The Poor Man’s Cocktail”. This beer is often served with a slice of orange floating on top, and that’s just how I like it.

5. Dos Equis: I won’t stay thirsty with this beer! The Most Interesting Man In The World commercials piqued my interest, and dinner at awesome Mexican restaurant sealed the deal for my love of this crisp brew. Perfect paired with tacos or anything spicy.




Am I missing a great one? What are your favourite summer beers? 



Fab Finds: Wedges Under $100

Wedge Under $100


Wedges often produce tacky visions of suburban strip mall tanning salon owners, tight black capris, Kate Gosselin and bejewelled acrylics. Fair? Probably not. True? You know it!

Despite their dumpy connotations, wedges deserve a rightful spot in any summer wardrobe. Need to look like you’ve made an effort, but still suffering from an ill-timed walk home in 4 inch heels? Wedges! Outdoor wedding shower? Pass that wedge. All day, multi-venue bachelorette party? That call for a wedge- or a really strong martini(s!).

What you think, girls? Am I right, or one small tragic step away from a Juicy tracksuit and white patent Guess handbag? Let’s discuss! x


black & tan | rust | bow | black leather | strappy | studded | white & tan | suede





5 Fab Fashion DIYs

Easy Fashion DIY #1- Chopped Blazer


Craving a little originality? If you spot another black and white striped Topshop dress or rhinestone statement necklace, do you feel you may potentially go postal? You’re not alone!

When the fashion blogging bandwagon becomes too much to bear, enter the Fashion DIY. Unique. Expressive. Guaranteed to garner loads of compliments from a slew of admirers.

Not crafty? Don’t despair. I use the term “DIY” very loosely: Only 1 of these 5 Fab Fashion DIYs require any skillful cutting, marking and sewing. The remaining four can easily be achieved with a pair of scissors, grommets and Krazy Glue. Basically, if you have the ability to cuff a pant or tie a knot, these DIYs are yours for the creating.


Fashion DIY #2- The Ribbon Tie


THE RIBBON TIE: Because you’re SO over the statement necklace. 

Step 1: Select boring, old dress shirt.

Step 2: Tie ribbon around neck.

Step 3: Be awesome.


Fashion DIY #3- Painters Worksuit


THE PAINTERS WORK SUIT: Have a handy man in the house? Grab their gear and get creative!

Step 1: Wash and bleach grubby work suit.

Step 2: Strap on your highest stilettos.

Step 3: Work, Bitch.


Easy Fashion DIY #4- Strip of Ruffle


STRIP OF RUFFLE: A random ruffle on an oversized shirt? Unexpected greatness! 

Step 1: Remove a garment from your “donate” pile.

Step 2: Cut a strip of fabric from it.

Step 3: Sew or glue it to the seam of your dress shirt.

Step 4: Await the influx of compliments!


Easy Fashion DIY #5- Ribbon Corset



RIBBON CORSET: How many black blazers and vests does a girl really need? Zzzzzz. Mama, let’s Upgrade U. 

Step 1: Select a tired black blazer or vest.

Step 2: Rip 6 holes on each side, positioned on the thinnest part of your waist.

Step 3: Add grommets.

Step 4: Cinch it!


Inspired? What’s your favourite look? 

Gingham Goodness


Preppy, fresh and thoroughly rooted in summertime: gingham evokes imagines of picnics, BBQs and beachside strolls.

Whether or not your summer vacation includes an extended sailing trip down the Eastern Seaboard (sigh…), or steamy summer Sundays spent lazing at an inner city pool (hands up!), these preppy pieces are sure to please.


sunglasses $29.57  | skirt $88.00 | blue bralet $32.95 | bikini $48.00  | flats $125 | handbag $185.50 | dress $29.99

Fab Finds: The Best Pom-Pom Pieces, Under $100!


Pom Power! I’m really loving all the bright beadwork and pom-pom embellishments available right now. Is there an embellishment more fun than the pom-pom? Fun, bright and perfect for summer.

The best part? All pieces are under $100!

camisole $47.47 | clogs $29.99 | scarf $11.80 | shorts $29.80 | bag $60.24 | skirt $47.83 | shopper bag $75.30

Fab Finds: Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti

Fashionable fruit on the style palette this summer. Whether you’ve got your eye on a pineapple camisole or lemon print bralet, these sweet pieces are ripe for the picking.

What’s your flavour?

bralet | camisole | dress | scarf  | handbag