Looking back at the Travel section of FatFreeFashion, I realized there are some pretty blog-worthy destinations I failed to blog about. First up? My trip to Paris! These pictures are almost two years old, but Paris is a grand old lady who hasn’t changed much in the last century, so I think they’re still pretty relevant. Fashion, food, culture, history and the fabulous sights at every turn, make Paris a must-see on any Wanderlust Wishlist. My husband and I spent eight awesome days in the City Of Light, and honestly, it still wasn’t enough to see everything!



Dining out in Paris is a real treat. Obviously the French food is great, but I found that the quality of even take-out places far surpassed anything I’ve encountered in North America. Below are a few that left an impression.


Paul amazing pastries, coffee and people-watching.

Le Bonaparte Forget standing in line for Les Deux Magots and walk a short block to this lovely cafe instead. Unbeatable people watching, and the food is delish!

Roger La Grenouille Frogs legs, anyone?! If the thought of that repulses you, don’t fret! Plenty of other tasty dishes in this utterly charming old restaurant.

Le Coupe-Chou Hand-down the most romantic restaurant I’ve ever been to. There’s a fireplace inside. Just go!


 The Seine


Paris hotels are insanely expensive. We stayed in a tourist apartment right in the heart of the Latin Quarter, and loved coming back to “our place” each night after eleven hours of straight walking (no joke!) to drop-dead on the comfy queen bed. We also loved having a little kitchen to wash fresh fruit, cheese and snacks. Skipping the grocery stores and markets in Paris is a sin, so make sure you have a fridge to store your goodies.


 Sunbathing On The Seine


 1st Arrondissement


Cemetery In Montemarte


 At The Base Of The Eiffel Tower: Each Country Has Its Own Bear


I won’t insult you with the obvious (Champs-Élysées, Le Marais, etc) but must make mention that Paris’ department stores are worth a half-day visit alone! If you’re short on museum money, visit Printemps for the most stunning glass dome ceiling you’ll ever see!

Any serious shopper must visit Le Bon Marchethe world’s visit department store! Try the cafe on the top floor for a seriously amazing lunch and a stunning panoramic view of Paris. Take me back!!

Ed Note: Strolling the streets of Le Marais is a must-do, and shouldn’t be undermined by my opening sentence. Charming, beautiful and open on Sundays!






 Tourist Alert! By the end of the week, it was absolutely FREEZING (5 degrees) and I only packed my leather jacket. Wearing at least five layers here (accessorized with a bright red nose!)



Covering all the noteworthy sights and museums Paris has to offer in one blog post is futile. There are simply too many! Below are some that are worth the time/trek.



Les Invalides  (The Military Museum) Truth? I was dragged here by the Hubs, but was admittedly amazed by the incredible exhibits at this massive museum. A must-see!

Musee d’Orsay Not into the Mona Lisa? Cross the river and head to this stunning museum, instead! Musee d’Orsay is a converted train station that now houses art mainly from 1848-1915. Think Monet, Van Gogh (amazing!!!), Cezanne and Renoir.

Versailles No introduction needed. Sickening opulance one must see to believe!

Ponts des Arts (Love Lock Bridge) Just because. Tres romantic.


Les Invalides


 Sacre Coeur

Sacré Cœur Love architecture? Then pull on your walking boots and head up to basilica Sacré Coeur in Montmartre. Worth the hike to the top for panoramic views of the City Of Lights.

Chateau de Vincennes Ever seen a castle? Hop on the metro, ride to the end of the line, emerge and feast your eyes on this stunning beauty.

Musee de Cluny (Middle Ages Museum) I’ve always had a fascination with the Middle Ages. The plague, witchcraft, folklore and the cultural deterioration that occurred after the fall of the Roman Empire are both tragic and mystifying to me. Really enjoyed this one.


 Sacre Coeur

IMG_1555 IMG_1608

Centre Pompidou (Modern Art Museum)




 Musee Cluny (Middle Ages Museum) These heads were discovered in someone’s backyard in the 1970s!


 Pont des Arts


 Love Lock Bridge

Have you been to Paris? What is your favourite arrondissement? Restaurant? Attraction? I’d love to know! 

Have a fabulous weekend, Lovelies!



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