5 Fab Fashion DIYs

Easy Fashion DIY #1- Chopped Blazer


Craving a little originality? If you spot another black and white striped Topshop dress or rhinestone statement necklace, do you feel you may potentially go postal? You’re not alone!

When the fashion blogging bandwagon becomes too much to bear, enter the Fashion DIY. Unique. Expressive. Guaranteed to garner loads of compliments from a slew of admirers.

Not crafty? Don’t despair. I use the term “DIY” very loosely: Only 1 of these 5 Fab Fashion DIYs require any skillful cutting, marking and sewing. The remaining four can easily be achieved with a pair of scissors, grommets and Krazy Glue. Basically, if you have the ability to cuff a pant or tie a knot, these DIYs are yours for the creating.


Fashion DIY #2- The Ribbon Tie


THE RIBBON TIE: Because you’re SO over the statement necklace. 

Step 1: Select boring, old dress shirt.

Step 2: Tie ribbon around neck.

Step 3: Be awesome.


Fashion DIY #3- Painters Worksuit


THE PAINTERS WORK SUIT: Have a handy man in the house? Grab their gear and get creative!

Step 1: Wash and bleach grubby work suit.

Step 2: Strap on your highest stilettos.

Step 3: Work, Bitch.


Easy Fashion DIY #4- Strip of Ruffle


STRIP OF RUFFLE: A random ruffle on an oversized shirt? Unexpected greatness! 

Step 1: Remove a garment from your “donate” pile.

Step 2: Cut a strip of fabric from it.

Step 3: Sew or glue it to the seam of your dress shirt.

Step 4: Await the influx of compliments!


Easy Fashion DIY #5- Ribbon Corset



RIBBON CORSET: How many black blazers and vests does a girl really need? Zzzzzz. Mama, let’s Upgrade U. 

Step 1: Select a tired black blazer or vest.

Step 2: Rip 6 holes on each side, positioned on the thinnest part of your waist.

Step 3: Add grommets.

Step 4: Cinch it!


Inspired? What’s your favourite look? 



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