How To: Summer Layer Like A Pro

Summer Layering- Tees Under Bralets & Dresses
Early summer weather is fickle. Hot as hell, cold fronts, humidity, wild wind and the inevitable torrential rain- all occurring in the span of a couple of hours! #stoptheinsanity.
For most of us, layering clothing is essential to prevent us from a) freezing our asses off  b) preventing sunburns on those hard-to-reach spots and c) optimizing the lovely summer pieces we’ve got hanging in our closets.
Because waiting until August is NOT an option, here are 3 chic styling tips to layer like a pro.
Summer Layering-4 Chambrays As Coats Summer Layering-White Tees Under Everything
What’s your favourite way to layer up for summer?


  1. I am in Texas, so “hot as hell” is a constant – BUT everywhere you go down here that is indoors has the air conditioning blasting to freezing! So layers are still a necessity. Some nice ideas here 🙂

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