Summer Sandals Under $50


If you’re anything like me, your summer sandals don’t tend to last longer than a few seasons. City walks, tromping through parks, beach time, picnics- my sandals take a serious beating, so it’s important that I have a few pairs to swap out every few days to keep things comfortable- and fresh. A girl’s gotta options!

Above are 6 versatile pairs that won’t break the bank.


pale blue $39.90 | gold $39.95 | snake heel $39.95 | tiger strap $34.95 | leopard mule $34.95 | striped $29.95



  1. Love those blue ones! As a side note, I wear Birkenstock Gizeh thongs in summer; my first pair I bought almost 20 years ago and they are still going strong. I’ve worn them on the beach, in the water, everywhere…I’m so pleased they are actually in style this summer!

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