LITTLE BLACK DRESS: 3 Work Outfits For Under $100

1 Piece 3 Ways- LBD For the Office


Assembling an office wardrobe on the cheap that doesn’t look cheap is no easy task. Decent fabrications and modest hemlines are an absolute must- and if you don’t have the time or inclination to suss out great pieces- can often translate into higher price points.

Lucky for you, I’ve been stretching dem dolla, dolla bills yo’ since I earned my first “real” (extremely modest) corporate paycheck, and am now a seasoned pro at styling a wardrobe that’s cheap, chic and water cooler friendly- with absolutely no Ann Taylor, Banana Republic or J.Crew required.

Do you love these looks?


1. Modern Layering: dress $39.95 | t-shirt $6.95 | sandals $43.80 | blazer $12.94

2. Boho Femme: sandals $35.80 | kimono $19.99

3. Classic Prep: blazer $29.99 | heels $35.80





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