1 Piece, 3 Ways: Striped Dress, Under $100 Each Outfit!

1 Piece 3 Ways Striped Dress

It’s Spring. You’re broke. Everything in your wardrobe is tired, dated and just plain wrong. The urge to splurge on a statement piece that will spice up the dressing doldrums is high, but for sanity sake, step away from the fluro midi and reach for a simple striped dress that has the potential to be anything, for nearly every situation. True, on its own the dress is every shade of ‘meh’, but paired with the right accessories, this basic baby is a sartorial superstar. With each complete outfit ringing in under $100, updating your Spring look is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Do you love a good stripe as much as I do? What is your favourite way to style it?


1. WEEKEND CASUAL: dress $29 | sneakers $37.63 | handbag $40

2. DATE NIGHT: mules $40 | cuff $14.95 | clutch $12.95

3. BEACH VACATION: clutch $34.95 | necklace $19.95 | sandals $12.94



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