Because Mom Doesn’t Want A Gift Card: The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Although practical, giving a Mother’s Day card padded with a gift card is kind of a cop-out. Mom spent your entire life hunting for the perfect gifts to make your favourite festivities memorable (birthdays, Christmas, Easter, graduations…) so why not return the gesture with a gift that doesn’t scream “I picked this up at the gas station on the way over here”. She’s worth the effort!

The art of gift-giving isn’t easy, but there is the perfect something out there for every Mom. Making her happy is easy for under $50, so put down that gift card and get shopping!


pillow $45 | candle $20 | bracelet $38 | scarf $10 | tote $39 | pullover $28.94



  1. Great gift ideas! Is it bad that I could tell that the bracelet was from C. Wonder without even looking at the logo? haha. I love C. Wonder, and I feel like not very many people know about it.

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