Fab Finds: Frilly Factor


Silk scares me. Camisoles chill me to the bone. A top that only bodes well for 30+ weather, yet magnifies perspiration spots at the slightest glimmer of sweat? That is cruel, unwearable irony, and its catapulted into one of the hottest trend tops for Summer 2014: the flimsy camisole.

While I love the casual feeling of a flimsy silk cami, stepping out in a curve-hugging, back-n’ boob-sweat accentuating little number isn’t my idea of casual-sexy elegance. Finding an alternative option became a mission, and I think I’ve found it in the frilly, tiered, spaghetti strap crop top.

Flowy. Flouncy. Feminine. Do you love a little frill factor?

1. crochet | 2. spotted | 3. pink | 4. cream 



  1. I don’t go for frill, I actually like simple silk but your description of what happens in the heat has me re-thinking it 🙂 cute selection though, I like the white lace one, some frill but not too many layers! xo-Elaine

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