Vacation Idea: San Francisco

San Fran- Golden Gate Bridge

On this dreary, snowy (SPRING?!) day in Toronto, I am seriously California Dreaming. If anyone else is craving a little much-deserved sunshine, may I suggest San Francisco? I had the pleasure of visiting this fine city a few years ago and hope to return someday soon. Sooo much to see! I didn’t take many pictures (too absorbed in my surroundings), but here are few of my favourite memories.

Enjoy! x

Above: If you visit San Francisco and don’t make the (wildly windy!) journey across the Golden Gate Bridge, there’s no hope for you. A touristy must!

San Fran- Chinatown

Did you know that San Francisco’s Chinatown is the oldest in North America? It’s a fascinating place with lots to see, shop for and marvel in. Get lost in the narrow back streets for the  afternoon. You won’t regret it!

San Francisco The Haight

I’ve always been fascinated with the 1960’s. It was a time of rapid cultural and political change in North America (free loving hippies, protests, human rights battles) and The Haight personifies this era in San Francisco. Sip a coffee and take in the wacky ambience of this virtual time warp.

San Fran- Telegraph Hill

The beauty of Telegraph Hill is literally breathtaking- it’s a steep 17.5 degree angle climb to the 275 ft top of the street! Take a hike and you’ll be rewarded by the sound of chirping feral parrots that live amongst the gorgeous bushes and trees.

San Francisco North BEach

Only one picture was taken in the North Beach neighboured of the San Francisco. Why? Because I was too busy stuffing my face at all the delectable Italian cafes and restaurants that are abound in this ‘hood. Go- and bring your fat pants! You’ll need them. #NomNomNom.


Have you visited San Francisco? What are your favourite memories?




  1. I visited San Francisco a few years back & would love to be back there right now. Especially today. What a miserable sight to wake up to, right?! At least your incredibly colourful & picturesque photos just brightened up my day!

    xo Cristina

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