Beauty Bite: Trind Nail Care Review

In regards to daily beauty rituals, I like to keep mine fairly simple, but like most women there are certain products I feel positively naked without. My big three? Mascara, concealer and my ever-rotating nail polish shade. Without these beauty mainstays I might as well be wearing a stained ribbed tank top, sheer leggings and Uggs, because I feel like an absolute schlub.

Looking polished is an essential component to my confidence and as a recovering nail biter (gross, I know), turned bona fide nail polish junkie, the thought of socializing without colour on my nails was cringeworthy enough to lead to multiple PDBs (Public Displays of Beauty). Frantic streetcar nail painting, cubicle cuticle trimming sessions and terrible touch-ups on the way to an event, because even a slightly smeared paint job was better than au natural- or so I thought, until I discovered the Trind nail care system.

Week 1: BEFORE Trind Nail Care

photo 3-4

After years of buying nail treatments that promised to transform my weak, short, dry, brittle, thin (I could go on…) nails into unbreakable talons that promised to defy even the stiffest soda tab, I must admit, I had my doubts. But as I cracked open the Nail Balsam, something unexpected happened. The scent. It was pleasant! Fresh, even. A nail treatment that didn’t get the slightest “What’s that smell?!” grumbling from the Hubster? Major Point #1.

As I brushed it on my nails, it absorbed completely in less than 5 seconds. Fast working. Major Point #2. I continued this treatment for the next 2 weeks, and to my surprise, my stub nails had grown! They were obviously longer and stronger, and coupled with the Nail Repair I applied before painting my nails (old habits die hard), there was no denying the product was working.

Week 2: AFTER Trind Nail Care

photo 3-5

The instructions advise using the product for 4 weeks to achieve maximum results. Considering this is only Week 2, I am convinced that Trind nail care treatment actually does what it promises to deliver. The proof is in the pics! Stay tuned for my final review of this product in 2 weeks time and be sure to check out Trind nails complete lineup of products if you are ready for a major nail makeover.



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