Style Serving: Floral Peplum

Yes, I said peplum. And yes, I realize it’s now 2014 and peplums should be used only with EXTREME caution. But this peplum is different, see, because I’ve layered it! I made it all brand-shiny-new! (Go with it…). The truth is, I really like the print of this top, so I think it’ll stay in the Keep pile for just a bit longer.


Side note: I think it’s pretty obvious that someone desperately needs a haircut and is clinging to her topknot for dear life, until she makes it to the salon on Thursday. (That wouldn’t be me, I’m just hypothetically speaking). Moving on.


The printed chambray and maroon faux leather skirt are Forever 21 finds and the floral peplum was picked up for $5.00 on a random trip through Sirens. I’m hoping this will be my last indoor shoot of the year, but it’s still -10 in Toronto and approaching April…time to move??? I’ll give it another week 😉


 Happy Hump Day, Fashaloonies! xx




  1. It snowed in DC again, I can’t take another day of winter! ugh! But on the bright side you are dressed quite spring-like for the cold. I love layering prints and you have done it perfectly with the floral peplum and chambray top! xo-Elaine

  2. I’m such a sucker for print on print! Don’t worry I am clinging to the topknot lately (but more so because I’m lazy and too exhausted to touch a curling wand) atleast you can blame yours on the hairdresser;)

    xx Cara

  3. I absolutely love this print on print and peplum! I like that the under top is a bit longer than the peplum top. It adds a great edge to the look. And I love your top knot! I wouldn’t have thought it was because your hair needed cutting at all! 🙂 xo

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