Something Old, Something New: Restyling A Bridesmaid Dress

Thank goodness for friends with good taste! Bridesmaid dresses often produce hideous visions of embellished, satin monstrosities that are banished to the back of the closet with the other I-paid-WAY-too-much-for-you-to-give-away-for-free purchases. 


Imagine my glee when I laid eyes  upon my options for a bestie’s wedding. No embellishments. Above the knee. Lovely colour. Although it was a non-negotiable purchase, I happily plunked down the dough for the berry Alfred Sung bridesmaid dress, as it suited my style perfectly. I could easy envision myself wearing it long after her Big Day, as it was flattering, modern and could easily be altered for everyday life.

BEFORE: The Big Day

Wedding Pic

AFTER: Everyday!


By popping on a casual cardigan, studded belt and embellished ankle boots, the look of this dupioni silk bridesmaid dress is completely transformed.

Style Tip: If you have any choice in the matter, opt for the most simple silhoutte available from her selected options, as it will have the most restyling flexibility. A highly stylized sweeping gown may look fabulous in pictures, but will you really wear it again? Doubtful. Get your money’s worth by staying true to your everyday style aesthetic.


Have you ever worn a bridesmaid dress after the wedding? How did you style it? This has the potential to be a really interesting (and profitable!) style series. I’m excited see your transformations. 


Bridesmaid Dress: Alfred Sung | Boots: Zara | Cardigan: Topshop | Earrings: Le Chateau | Belt: H&M



  1. What a great way to re-wear and style a bridesmaid dress! I have been in many weddings and sadly, I never really re-wore any of them…mainly due to the color and style. I once had an orange sherbert two-piece (strapless top and long skirt) with a hot pink lining…I *may* have abandoned it in my hotel room (oops)! But I must say if I had that silhouette and eggplant color, I would love to re-style it. Ps – love that leopard cardigan! xo -Elaine

  2. Thank you, Elaine! xx
    Orange sherbert….*shudder*! I love that you left it in the hotel room, hahaha! Really, who could blame you?! A girls’ only got so much room in her closet 🙂

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