Fab Finds: 2B Bebe Summer Sandals, Under $30!

I wouldn’t typically describe my style as Bebe, (my clubbing days are LONG over!) but somehow I ended up on their website, and what I found pleasantly surprised me. How cheap n’ chic are these sandals? These styles would sell for twice the price at more mainstream shoe stores. Solid proof that stepping outside your comfort zone (bad pun intended, haha!) is really worth the effort.

2B Bebe Sandals Under $30

(Studded) Tina Stud $29.95 |(Gold & Silver) Bellini Flat $24.95 |(Minimal)  Trina Flats $19.95 |(Metal) Nanette Flat $29.95



  1. Your opening line literally made me laugh out loud…”clubbing days”…I know what you mean! I am a little surprised to see such cute/sophisticated sandals from Bebe as well. I definitely associate them with night club wear. The minimal is of course my pick, great round-up!

  2. Is it bad that I can totally relate to your Bebe reference. In my early college years I think it made up 75% of my wardrobe, now I’m like that’s not a skirt it’s underwear! I am pleasantly surprised at these shoes though, so cute!

    xx Cara

  3. These are beautiful and great prices too! Their store is a couple of blocks away from me in NYC and I am ashamed to say that I’ve never been there. I think I know where I am heading after my Sunday brunch this weekend.

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