Pretty Ugly: The Best Ugly Shoes For 2014

Sliders, Birkenstocks, couture kicks, block heel mary janes, thick-soled sandals, mules, jellies…the uglier the better for Spring 2014!

Not that this is a bad thing. Rather pedestrian looking footwear wrangles the marginally stylish into submission. It brings out our fiercest styling abilities, forcing us to edit, add and accessorize like nobody’s business. If a girl can manage to look cool- chic even! -in a pair of borderline orthopaedic Birkenstocks, we found ourselves an indisputable style star.

Pretty Ugly Shoes

birks | platform sneakers | jelly sandals | thick soles | mules | sliders  | slip on trainers



  1. Every summer I seriously consider buying Birkenstocks, then I talk myself out of it ha! I spent the summer in The Netherlands a few years ago and EVERYONE had Birkenstocks…it was so strange…but I soo want some now!

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