FAB FINDS: Stylish Serving Trays!

When you live on your own long enough, it’s likely you’ve accumulated enough mugs to serve every friend, acquaintance and neighbour a cuppa three times over- without ever having to wash the dishes. Mugs just appear. They’re cheap. They’re cheerful. They’re fun to gift. But they’re also undeniably predictable.  This year, serve them up a big helping of style with a pretty platter or tray.

I use my trays long after the holiday season is over for displaying bountiful bottles of gifted booze (thanks friends!), organizing my jewellery (goodbye ugly thumbtacks!), grouping candles of different shapes and sizes (cheap home decor!), or as a catch-all for all crap that you simply must unload the second you walk through the door (bills, keys, wallet, gloves).

Which is your favourite?


Zara green | Zara teapots | Macys navy blue | West Elm butterfly | Target gold | Macys silver


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