Fab Finds: Pretty Pouches!

The holidays are approaching, you’re a tad strapped for cash, but the ceremonial gifts must be exchanged. Step away from the discount wine rack (undrinkable swill!) and reach for something that won’t be re-gifted the minute you walk out that door: pretty pouches! Think about it: pouches are the perfect little gift for just about anyone. Every gal needs something to stash her stuff in- whether it’s cosmetics, gadgets or cards and cash. Nearly every major retailer is offering one this season, so picking one that’ll rock her stocking shouldn’t be a problem.

Happy Friday! x

Perfect Pouches

1. Ann Taylor | 2. Asos | 3. Chapters | 4. C.Wonder | 5. Rebecca Minkoff



  1. I’m obsessed with the C.Wonder one! I wish I could carry clutches. 😦 But they just don’t hold enough for me! (Like my extra pair of flats just in case my feet can’t handle the heels anymore! ;))

    Cute post! Hope you had a great weekend, girl! 🙂


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