Currently Loving

Currently Loving

1. Jin Soon Metaphor Nail Polish: How perfect is this deep green? Definitely my favourite hue for Fall.

2. A Girl Called Jack: I’ve been following this thrifty food blogger for a while now and her resourcefulness never ceases to amaze me. When Jack (a woman), was faced with the harsh reality of feeding herself and young son with a very meagre unemployment income, she was forced to get creative in the kitchen. Every meal under £1 (approximately $1.60). Inspirational stuff.

3. Zara Jumpsuit: The perfect blend of slip dress and jumpsuit, this piece is the perfect addition to my Fall PM wardrobe.

4. Pumpkin Spice Everything: Lattes and muffins and scones- time to step up my workouts! Eek! Although I’m usually not one for Halloween, I am one for sweet treats, nutmeg and cinnamon in regular quantities.  If they were meant to be enjoyed in moderation, then they would be available all year. (Right?!)

5. Shoptiques Ankle Booties: Textured, buckled and pointy- I think I’m in love.


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