Current Loves

Keeping consistent with personal blogging is a tough thing to manage when life gets busy.  I figure a great way to stay focused is to share my current loves, cos who doesn’t love a little inspiration? Happy Monday!

Things I Love

1. New York And Company Eva Mendes Collection Coat: The offering of totally chic baby pink coats has been such a treat for Fall. I’ve been obsessing over this chic n’ cheap one for the past month, but have yet to pull the trigger as I’m not sure of the sizing (the retailer isn’t in Canada). For $159.95, I think it’s a worth the risk.

2. Billabong Wrap Skirt: This was a shocking find. Whilst perusing sites for a client, I stumbled upon this on-trend velvet wrap skirt from the surfer girl retailer. How cool would this look with a knubby sweater and ankle boots right now? $65.00.

3. Cate Blanchett’s Blue Jasmine Wardrobe: Great acting, great screenplay, perfectly on-point wardrobe. Watching down-and-out Blanchett’s navigate her “new normal” in 5K Chanel is just the Sunday afternoon escape any fashion lover can appreciate.

4. Topshop Fuzzy Sweater: How perfectly cozy is this fuzzy baby blue sweater for Fall? Baby blue is the only pastel I can successfully wear without looking anemic, so extra lovin’ points for that!

5. Converse Sneakers: I picked up a pair of these bad boys over the weekend and already got major mileage from them. Fall adventures, here I come!

6. Cyril Hahn: Yes, I’m plenty late to the bandwagon, but what I lack in current musical tastes, I make up for in enthusiasm! Beyonce and Mariah Carey’s biggest hits remixed into sexy, R&B beats? I’m a fan!



  1. I really, really want to see Blue Jasmine! Haha Cate Blanchett’s too-chic-for-words wardrobe will only be the cherry on top of the Woody Allen cake for me!

    Ooh but I have seen those white converse sneakers everywhere these past few weeks! Fashion bloggers are rocking these in every other post it seems – post Labor Day fashion rules be darned!

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