Mighty Genius! A Purse That Charges Your Phone

We’ve all been there: Out and about running errands, whilst periodically taking calls, texting, browsing, i.e. the usual day-to-day social networking thing. Everything is going swimmingly and you’re feeling mighty productive, multitasking like a boss, then you notice it- the dreaded red bar power supply. The paralyzing “red alert” is issued without warning, leaving you completely up shit creek (street) without a paddle (port). You’re simply too far away from home for a quick jolt, yet completely dependant on your rapidly draining power supply. Damn you, technology!!! What’s a busy gal to do?!

Behold, the Mighty Purse!

“A fusion between fashion and technology, the Mighty Purse is an essential handbag accessory for the modern day woman…”

This is genius. It’s a purse. (Well, a wristlet, if you want to get technical). The wristlet is fitted with a battery which you simply plug into your phone to charge, and is compatible with all micro-usb iPhone, Android, Smartphone and Tablet devices. In short, it’s a mighty convenient portable phone charger. Added bonus? It’s mighty chic.

Who wouldn’t want the Mighty Purse? I mean, it is really the perfect gift for any gal on-the-go, don’t you think?  The perfect marriage of function and fashion, in one smart little package. I feel like I should be on an infomercial singing it’s praises, but I really need this in my life. Love.


Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 5.08.23 PM

*All images sourced from http://www.mighty-purse.com



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