Straight Slippin’: Slip Dresses on Trend for Summer

We are having a major ’90s moment of late (crop tops, overalls, denim vests) so it was really only a matter of time before the ubiquitous dress of the ’90s- the slip dress- slinked back onto the style radar. This understated evening piece oozes sexiness, but there are plenty of ways ace this look without giving sophistication the slip for the evening.


To rock this dress with class, consider the following:


Skip the Embellishments

The key to choosing a slip dress that doesn’t fall firmly into the negligee category is really down to the embellishments, or rather, lack-thereof. Silk is a delicate, sensual fabric that needs no additional adornment- it’s beauty is in its simplicity. To keep this look glamorous, steer clear of lace trim along the décolletage or hemline and appliqué of any kind is a big-time fashion-fail for this type of frock.


Minimalistic Shoes

To compliment such a sleek dress, heels should be minimalistic in design, and yes, heels are an absolute must for a slip dress. Anything less is way too reminiscent of a nightie, which is never the look. Avoid chunky heels at all costs, as they fight the flow of the fabric.


Sleek Accessories

Delicate jewellery and sleek accessories complement this understated look. Chunky pieces look contrived and can overshadow the nonchalant vibe this dress emits.


Finishing Touches 

Big, sexy bedroom hair looks all wrong with this sleek silhouette. A streamlined ‘do is critical clincher to tie this whole look together. Try slicked back hair or a sleek bun for chic sophistication.  



Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 10.23.00 AM


Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 10.26.51 AM



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