Hotness Unchained: Admiring The Effortlessly Cool Christoph Waltz

Ladies, can we please have a moment of thanks for the quirky ball of handsomeness that is Christoph Waltz? After finding enormous Stateside fame for his role as Dr. King Shultz in Django Unchained, it’s been announced today that the internationally acclaimed actor will host SNL along with southern rockers Alabama Shakes (woo!) on February 16th.

Not only is Waltz a superb actor, but this refined Austrian gent can really rock a suit! Any man who looks completely badass in a leopard print blazer has the kind of sex appeal that transcends generations. Apparently we’ve been missing out, as he’s been bringing the hotness for decades overseas. Check out the stills for his first feature film Kopfstand (1981).

Reflecting On His Beauty (This May Take Hours)


You’re Boring Me. PS: I’m Gorgeous.

ch hot

Ok, Yes, Definitely Yes. (To Whatever You’re Musing)


Owning A Leopard Blazer For GQ Germany…Rawr…Rawr….

christoph-waltz-gq1 christoph-waltz-gq2 christoph-waltz-gq6

The Original Bachelor! Will You Accept This…..YES!!!!


Lichtenstein, Emerald Green and Christoph. YES!!!

christophwaltz5 christophwaltz6

 Anderson, Who?

cwGQFeb11With one arresting gaze they surrendered their swords, realizing that scaring this face would be a crime against humanity. (True Story)


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