Prabal Gurung for Target: Book The Day Off (It’s That Good)

Prabal Gurung’s capsule collection for Target hits stores on February 13th- and judging by the lookbook- will be effectively sold-out by February 14th. Ho-lee-cow. The offering is vibrant, bold and utterly striking- yet cut for everyday wearability. I cannot wait to get my hands on that gorgeous tunic and floral blazer. Love.

1prabalgurungtarget-3 prabalgurungtarget-1 prabalgurungtarget-2 prabalgurungtarget-4 prabalgurungtarget-5 prabalgurungtarget-6 prabalgurungtarget-7 prabalgurungtarget-8 prabalgurungtarget-9 prabalgurungtarget-10 prabalgurungtarget-11 prabalgurungtarget-12 prabalgurungtarget-25 prabalgurungtarget-26 prabalgurungtarget-28 prabalgurungtarget-41 prabalgurungtarget-16


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