J.Crew’s Mickey Drexler Gives Good Quote


Mickey Drexler, current chairman and CEO of J.Crew, knows how to strike a chord (figuratively and literally) when musing about anything, really. As transcribed through Fashionista, the retail maven recently imparted thought-provoking musings at WWD’s recent CEO Summit. Dexler shares his rational when sourcing talent for J.Crew, and what resonates with him for job candidacy.

On What It Takes To Leave An Impression: “The person is a resume, not what’s on a piece of paper. Whoever gives advice about resumes in college should be dismissed. Titles don’t matter. GPAs don’t matter, nor does what school you go to. What matters is hard work, and emotional intelligence. People put ‘study abroad’ on their resume. I actually like when they don’t study abroad because that means they aren’t entitled. What about study abroad will make you a better J.Crew associate? I hire a lot of waiters, waitresses. Someone who’s successful has a background that’s not predictable.”

For a man with such rich retail pedigree, this comes as a bit of a surprise. One would think that this would only apply to a position for which Drexler would be directly hiring, who’s had the opportunity to chat with him and prove their worth through intelligent conversation. Otherwise, how would anyone pass the initial HR screening? Regardless, this should ignite passion in a plethora of overworked, overeducated and severely underpaid Fashion graduates, who have taken up a waitressing gig to make ends meet. It’s great to know that if by chance one day you happen to serve Mickey’s table (cue waiters and waitresses Googling Mickey’s favourite haunts now…) there’s a possibility you could find yourself on an influencing board for J.Crew. Interesting and inspiring food for thought.


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