Paris vs New York: A Tally Of Two Cities in 100 Postcards

Coco or Calvin? Grand Palais or Grand Central? Bordeaux or Cosmo? Paris and New York’s most iconic landmarks/cliches/notable citizens are pitted tete-a-tete in this cheeky little postcard box set by Parisian graphic artist Vahram Muratyan.

The illustrations stem from Muratyan’s 2010 blog, Paris vs New York: A Tally of Two Cities, which was eventually published as book. The latest offering from the series is the 100 postcard box set (50 unique images, with a second copy to share- bonus!), which I promptly pounced on while birthday shopping for a friend.

Buzzing with giddy glee, I was practically swooning over the punchy packaging and ample preview of what was inside. Visual treats!!! I couldn’t wait to spread them all over the table like prized baseball cards (don’t judge, you would!), soaking in the juxtapositions and trying to decide my “favourites”. Only…I couldn’t. Albeit drastically different, comparing Paris and New York is like trying to decide if you love a wine-soaked leisurely lunch, or an overstuffed piece of steaming hot street meat, with all the drippy fixin’s. Both are equally awesome on different levels.

Paris vs New York: A Tally Of Two Cities

100 Postcard Set, $24.00 

IMG_1866 IMG_1865 IMG_1864 IMG_1863 IMG_1862 IMG_1861


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