Scented Nail Polish: Do You Buy It?

Over the past year, scented nail polish has become a thing. Revlon, OPI, even Dior has produced one. I can really see why, because there are so many times while doing my nails, where I just cannot take the smell any longer (said no woman ever who wanted manicured nails!)

Honestly, are we really that bothered? I don’t know about you, but I could care less about the associated smell of painting my nails. After so many years, I barely notice it, and it’s certainly worth the momentary stank for pretty talons. When my nails dry in a matter of minutes, the smell has completely dissipated. The whole process takes less than three minutes. When do you ever have your manicured fingers near your nose anyways?! It’s not like after a day of commuting, working, typing and errands that I’d ever WANT to put my fingers remotely close to my face. Gross! The idea of smelling my nails seems rather uncouth, unsanitary and rather childish. It’s a big “meh”on my beauty radar.


What about you? Do you consider the scent of nail polish a compelling selling point when coping a new colour?



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