Currently Killin’ It: Le Chateau Accessories

After years of pumping out rather uninspired, and let’s face it- unfashionable bags and accessories, Canadian retailer Le Chateau is currently having a moment.  With the entrance of H&M and Zara to the retail scene in the past decade, I often wondered how the store even managed to stay afloat. Miraculously, they have, and have really come into their own in the past year in regards to accessories. They are completely on-trend, with a certain richness that is missing from its mega chain counterpart’s offerings. Did I mention the prices?! Most pieces are under $25.00, making them the perfect gift this holiday season. I could have shown the entire collection (willpower, I need you now…must. budget. December. poor. bills. january. credit card….) but below are my favourite pieces.

Earrings, $12.95

Le Chateau, $12.95

Earrings, $25

Le Chateau, Art Deco $25

Earrings, $9.95

Le Chateau, $9.95

Earrings, $15

Le Chateau, Gemstone Earrings, $15

Earrings, $15

Le Chateau Stone Earring, $15

Earrings, $15

Le Chateau, $15

Bib Necklace, $59.95

Le Chateau, Gem Bib Necklace $59.95

Necklace, $25

Le Chateau, Beaded Bib $25.00

Necklace, $18

Le Chateau, Faceted Bead $18.00

Necklace, $15

Le Chateau, Stone $18.00

Necklace, $35

Le Chateau Chain Necklace, $35.00

Cuff, $22

Le Chateau Hammered Metal Cuff, $22.00

Clutch, $49.95

Le Chateau, $49.95


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