John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John’s Christmas Video: I Think You Might Like It (I Think I Might Puke)

HAHAHAHAHA!!! HA. HA. Okay! Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, it’s time to feast your eyes on the hilarity that is John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John’s Christmas video,  I Think You Might Like (Hate) It. This instant holiday classic has been brought to you by its official sponsor, Good Looking Hair spray-on hair, which John obviously has shares in.

Now, the video. Where does one start? The puke-inducing lyrics? “Here comes my hometown, so good to get my wheels down.” (As he wheels his private jet right into the runway/driveway of his sprawling Florida resort home…).



Is this 1996? Why is John wearing a wallet chain??! John, you’re a millionaire. You’re rolling into town in your private jet. Where are you going where there’s a possibility of being robbed? It’s a NO, John.

Also, do all the rich people in Central Florida meet up to exchange gifts at the community centre/airport? So many gifts! So many people carrying around gifts. So many people NOT OPENING the gifts! Just plain odd.

The body language between the couples in this video is not only hilarious, but baffling. John and Olivia’s handlers must have imposed a strict PG-13 code of ethics for this video, because after “Making Love All Night” (they rolled around and giggled) the kinky twosome get dressed up in their matching red Christmas jammies and have a slumber party!

Also, why is Grandpa HEAD-BUTTING Grandma?! Oh, right! No. Kissing. Allowed. So funny!



The richest part is the Veteran returning home from a tour of duty. Apparently father and son don’t recognize each other in their uniforms, because they look so different! After greeting, they immediately break into a two-step, because that’s just what soldiers and cops do!

Watch this now to laugh until you cry, and feel intensely awkward for Danny and Sandy.


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