Holiday DIY Gift: Framed Vintage Christian Dior & YSL Paper Dolls

Vintage and the Holidays go together like Lindsay Lohan and vodka- it’s a natural pairing! So when I found these faux-vintage YSL and Dior paper dolls books while pursuing Holt Renfrew’s Gift Guide, I knew I was looking at one half of a fashionable and incredibly affordable gift. At $10 per book, these designer cutouts are the perfect DIY, in 3 simple steps.

1. Tear each page from its binding. Either use the whole page for framing, or cut out each individual doll for pinning into a shadow box frame.

2. Insert whole page into a frame (Ikea, $6.99), or hit the dollar store for a $1.00 shadow box frame and pin each doll into it.

3. Wrap it up! (for under $20!).

YSL Fashion Review Paper Doll Book, $10

Christian Dior Paper Doll Book, $10


+   Ikea frame, $6.99

Ikea, $6.99

= Thrifty, Stylish and Original Gift


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