Anna Karenina: 2nd Attempt

I have to admit, I love Keira Knightly’s films. Although I find her acting ability to be a bit stiff at times, she really selects scripts with a compelling story (not to mention hot leading men 😉  (Atonement- James McAvoy, Pirates- Johnny Depp, A Dangerous Method- Michael Fassbender, Love Actually Colin Firth…).

When I saw the trailer for Anna Karenina, I was intrigued. I’m a sucker for a good period piece and a love good story to boot. Admittedly, the initial intrigue was promptly followed by a pang of embarrassment when I remembered the epic novel collecting dust on my bookshelf. I never got past the first three chapters. Maybe it was my mood at the time, but the story and the characters bored me to tears, so back to the shelf it went until I eventually ran out of more interesting reading material. Well, evidently, in an age of internet, Blackberry and IPhone, there is never a shortage of great stuff to read, so that day never came. Enter the trailer. This movie looks good! I think it goes without saying that having ditched the 817 page novel only 90 pages into it, I never really gave it a chance to evolve. Now 117 pages in, I’ve basically just met Anna and Vronsky, and based on the trailer this is going to get hot! Time to plough through this classic before it’s come and gone from theatres. Anna Karenina opens November 30, 2012.

Will you see Anna Karenina? Have you read the book? Will it compare? Leave me a line!


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