Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours! (Free of Charge This Holiday Season)

Ah, Christmas. Ah, Hanukkah. Ah, Kwanzaa. Ah, whatever you celebrate during this festive time, there are surely gifts to be exchanged in abundance. Gifts we don’t really need, and sometimes admittedly, gifts we really (really!) don’t want. But regardless, the sacramonial gift must be offered, fawned over and eventually, after realizing that, golly gee- there is just no room in the liquor cabinet for the cheap, sickly sweet dessert wine! *Down the drain it goes*. You may judge. Was that really necessary? I mean, couldn’t you have re-gifted to someone who would enjoy it?. Hell no! C’mon. Nobody likes that swill!

That got me thinking. What are we really pressed for that usually come at a premium price? Services and talent. We all have them. Don’t think you do? Think harder. Can you successfully find a stud and hang a picture in on a cement wall? That there be a skill, Ma!

Offer Services to Those in (Desperate) Need

Do you have “the eye” and can take beautiful pictures of friends and family, then graciously post only the most gorgeous ones online for all to see? Friend, I smell a talent! Can you cook a delicious Sunday roast that is so moist that your guests aren’t choking on meat flakes? Girl, you got some culinary skills to bestow this Christmas! (Come on over to my place…)

You Can Surely Do Better Than This!

Rather than spending your hard-earned bones on crap that nobody really wants, why not offer the gift that they can’t afford…little ol’ YOU! That’s right, you. Done up in a little package, with a time-operated slot of graciousness and servitude. This Christmas, let their shortcoming be your (and theirs!) financial gains. Not only are you helping out a friend in need, but you’re sharing precious time together. Everyone wins. What skills and talents will you be exchanging this holiday season?


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