Wet, Wild and Ready for Her Close-Up: Meet Valerie Clark

Miranda Kerr, Erin Heatherton, Alessandra Ambrozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Boring, bland and predictable! Enter Valerie Clark, who musters up more intrigue in her pinky finger than the entire cast of Angels combined.

Since 1984, Frank and Valerie Clark have been bringing new meaning to the saying “whatever floats your boat”, when husband Frank first started chronicling Valerie’s wet and wild escapades.

Explaining that “they both have to be dressed to the max” to do this, one can almost picture Frank treating his lady-love to a tasty seafood dinner at her favourite Red Lobster (she likes the cheese biscuits). After building up her liquid courage on frozen margaritas, they take to washroom for a bit of splish-splashin’ foreplay (this is Florida, people!), then photog Frank and muse Valerie are keen to move their fun to a broader audience.

The Clarks inspiration stems from the “mental turn-on of taking a nice outfit into the water”. Whether it be their shower, home pool, public fountain, ocean or the extra risqué hydro reservoir, no body of water is off-limits to this sexy duo.

Valerie, pioneering the sheer-panelling trend


Angelina and your leg, step aside. The thighs the limit for Valerie!



Halle, who?!! 






Party time!


Owning a knife pleated skirt and Grecian gold leaf belt



Pier Posing



Living dangerously in leather



Yeehaw! Underwater ankle action


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