The Power of Makeup: Cassandra Shows Acne Who’s Boss

When I first saw this video, I wasn’t expecting much. After all, Cassandra is a beautiful girl with luminescent skin. What could she possibly be concealing that a little Proactive couldn’t clear up? *Insert foot in mouth*.

Leaving the frame and appearing barefaced a moment later, I was stunned to see her severe acne. Red and inflamed, Cassandra looks nothing like she did seconds earlier (save for the beautiful eyes). The video is a tutorial for the power of makeup and what can be achieved through heavy foundation and concealer. The names of these beauty products speak volumes. A sultry smokey eye sets the tone, but without the foundation of beautiful skin, who will really notice it? As shallow as it may be, it’s no coincidence that we conceal to heal our self-esteem, to ensure we are fully confident to take on the day.

I found myself thinking about this video during my morning routine. What an inspiration Cassandra is! While we may moan about the occasional breakout, this young girl takes it all in stride and truly shines. Bravo.


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