Something for the Fellas: Colourful Brogues

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of a questions from the fellas on colourful brogues. “Are they too wild? Are they office appropriate?”.

Case in point: This poor soul at the office (who will remain anonymous, but if you’re reading this- WEAR THEM!!!) who approached me with genuine concern about his new purchase: a pair a ash-navy brogues. “So I bought these awesome new shoes, but I’m afraid to wear them. I showed them to my Mother, she didn’t approve”. Ok, first rule: Don’t ask Mother. You pay your own rent, you can surely dress yourself. Second rule? There are no rules!

It seem that men have an irrational fear that if they take a colourful step slightly outside the box of black or brown brogues, that their perceived business acumen will fly straight out the window. Not so! If anything, in a corporate environment, it takes a big man to break the mould and inject some personality into your outfit. Take a chance and guaranteed, other Suits will follow suit.

Cole Haan, Nike soles $278

Allen Edmonds, $250

Mark McNairy, suede and leather $385


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