A Case of the (Awesome) Mondays! Things I Love Monday (On Hump Day)

Street Meat

What is it about soaring temperatures that makes fly infested condiments and artificial parts smashed into a tube so alluring?! Although they pack as much nutritional punch as a roasted hunk of plastic (probably less) when the sizzling weenies call my name, I cannot deny their smoky goodness.


Especially on an early workday morning, when choosing 2 coordinating pieces is a lofty task. I don’t know about you, I can never reach for a jumpsuit without Madonna’s track buzzing in my head…


I must have been a caveman in my past life, because me no like shoes. Shoe bad. Shoe hurt.

Discounted Pedicures
Say whaaat?! Yes ladies, they do exist! Mondays are typically slow days at nail bars, and more than likely your local will offer a discount on a Monday or Tuesday appointment. Inquire within.

Harvey Nichols Piss Campaign

Taking the piss out of fashion loonies everywhere, Harvey Nichols annual Summer Sale ads merges lowbrow humour with high fashion, resulting in an utterly ridiculous (yet memorable) campaign.

Summertime Sadness, Lana Del Rey (Reich & Bleich remix)

The only summertime sadness I get is on Labour Day, when it’s essentially over, but this is an awesome summer track.


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