A Case of the (Awesome) Mondays: Things I Love Monday!

Monday gets a bad rap. First place is usually synonymous with being on top, the best, numero uno, so why should the very first day of the week be any different? In honour of this injustice, I’m introducing a new feature to the blog: A Case of the (Awesome) Mondays! A little cliché know, but clichés exist because how can you possibly resist them?! After months of admiring Things I Love features on other blogs, I finally decided to start my own. So here we go fashion lovers and friends.

A Case of the (Awesome) Mondays: Things I Love Monday!

The Queen. 60 years of Sovereign sophistication. Your Majesty, I salute you In homage to her Royal Highness, British artist Jane Perkins has created the piece below, made solely from found objects. How cool is that?

The Queen: Jane Perkins “found objects” art

Baklava. Compressed philo dough, compounded with crushed pistachios and soaked with honey. Chocolate who?.

My new running Asics shoes. Routine 5k have never felt lighter.

Jack White, Love InterruptionLove The White Stripes, love Jack period.

Starbucks Venti Bold. Scary things can happen before this bevie is ingested Monday morning (or any morning…).

Clinique Full Potential Lipgloss in Mimosa Blossom. Since champers is typically frowned upon at 8am on a Monday, this gloss is the next best thing.

Persimmons. My childhood fruit palate was strictly seasonal (i.e cheapest), meaning this exotic fruit never made Mom’s list. Spending a dollar on a fruit should be criminal, but these are too good to pass up when they pop on in the market. Try them! Pure heaven.

Emma Stone!! Absolutely love the incredibly chic Martin Grant Dress she wore to the MTV Movie Awards. Can’t wait for the knockoff…Zara here I come!

Emma Stone


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