NO Man’s Land: Capri Shorts Paired With Tall Boots

As the mercury rises, I’ve noticed around the city that the capri has been taken to new fashion lows with the pairing of tall boots.

Dressing for Spring can be a delicate balance. The weather is neither ideal for full-out Spring dressing, (frozen toes at 7am, blistering heat on the evening commute…) which can often leave woman perplexed on how to tackle the day ahead. While I am a strong advocate of layering, there are certain seasonal boundaries that must not be crossed. I’ve dubbed this style breach the “no man’s land” territory. That ugly space of exposed skin between the capri and the boot is not only heinous, it makes absolutely no sense! If it’s warm enough to expose the knee, it’s warm enough for a shoe. By venturing into this ultimate frump territory, one is essentially declaring open-season for style critics everywhere to tear you a new one. Don’t do it!

NO Man’s Land: The Great Divide

NO Man's Land: The Great Divide



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