The Big Bangle Theory: Retailers Pinch an Inch (Chicken Wrists Unite!)

I’ve squawked for years about my inability to wear bangles, as wearing them actually pains me- the fit is typically so loose that they rub my chicken wrists raw. I’ll suffer for fashion, but I draw the line at blood and band aids. Although fit-specific items (apparel, shoes, rings) have traditionally come in a range of sizes, the bangle and bracelet were oddly left out of the sizing chart. Not anymore. It seems that retailers have finally got the newsflash that although we are sexy grown-ass women, some of our wrists stopped filling out in the 6th grade.

H&M to the rescue! A whole inch difference in circumference from standard bangles, (silver), I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted these small treasures, tiny enough for my spindle wrists. At two for $9.95, I’ll be stocking and stacking up for summer. Go now!



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