“Marni for H&M” *le sigh*

After waiting many months for hotly anticipated Marni for H&M collection, my expectations were extremely high, perhaps even over-inflated. Marni is known for its trademark prints; wild, colourful and positively distinct. It was obvious from the start that translating this hallmark to a lower price point was going to be a challenge. My hopes were high after the online preview, but seeing it in-store could only be described as a massively underwhelming experience. In person, the collection was garish and tacky and my immediate thought was “Marni for Carny“. The structured pieces had the drape of stiff cardboard and the silk pieces, although pretty,  just looked plain cheap.

Marni for H&M

Marni for H&M

Marni for H&M Silk Dress

Can we talk about pricepoint? As much as I love a good designer collaboration, it’s important to maintain the retailer’s price point integrity. Although it’s Marni, it’s still Marni for H&M, which makes it really hard to justify spending $179 on poorly made silk dress. It’s H&M, people! Jason Wu got it right with Target. Everyone knows that’s it’s the poor man’s Wu, but the price point was aligned and on target (natch, ha), which maintains critical elements to a fast-fashion retailer: spontaneity and affordability.

The saving grace for this collection were the amazing accessories. The look was undoubtedly upscale and expensive, but were aligned with H&M’s typical price point. The earrings were absolutely exquisite and completely on-trend. For $24.99, it’s a shame they were snapped up so quickly.

Marni $34.95

Marni bracelet $34.95

Marni earrings $24.95

Marni for H&M necklace $34.95

Marni for H&M necklace $59.95


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