A Red-Hot Ode to Gingers: Happy Valentines Day!

On this day for lovers, I have a burning confession to make: I adore Ginger men!Unfortunately it’s become almost accepted to rag on Gingers, and they often become the butt (and crotch) of many a joke. But like a sober Lindsay Lohan, they’re a rarity in this world, and therefore should cherished for their exclusivity.

As a flame-haired friend likes to remind me (after ironically stating that she would never date a Ginger…ahem!) redheaded men are now being rejected as sperm donors at the world’s largest sperm bank, Cyros International. Gingers are on their way to extinction! It’s been reported that less than two percent of the world’s population have natural red hair. Add globalization to the equation, and the chances of two redheads finding love is drastically reduced.

In honour of their inevitable demise, I present thee my Top 3 Red-Hot Ginger Picks.  It should be said though, startlingly, after wracking my brain for a 4th addition to this list, I couldn’t seem to produce another famous, good-looking redheaded man! Does this mean Hollywood is subtly discriminating against them, or are they simple all holed-up in Scotland, waiting for their discovery as the hottest men on earth??!! Let’s discuss.

Pull the Alarm

Eddie Redmayne



Code Red

Paul Bettany


Fire! Fire! Fire! His Royal Hotness

Prince Harry

His Royal Hotness





  1. As a recent comment in Flare magazine pointed out, female redheads are like unicorns only they really do exist!! LOL!! And yes I would never date a fellow ginger;)

  2. My red headed fiance is very much going to appreciate this post (except for the fact that he didn’t make top 3, then again he’s not very famous)

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