The Drop Waist Dress: Stop, Drop and Roll Out (With Caution)

There’s something to flap about for 2012: The Drop Waist Dress. A long-standing favorite of French Cherie everywhere (Audrey Tatou, Vanessa Paradis), this retro style is back for another round.

Deciding whether to rock the drop waist dress is a bit like playing with fire, as it’s all about the cut. Designer pieces tend to be more flattering, as the denier is higher, resulting in a more streamlined drape. (Armani, below). Any tummy bulge is effectively disguised, making this cut a top pick. A drop waist on a knock off (Zara, below) has the capability to transform even the leanest figure into a sausage, with the awkward front seaming highlighting even the slightest Diet Coke bloat. The drop waist dress is a classic cut, and its quirky retro flair will never go out of style. If you love this dress, invest in a quality piece.



Giorgio Armani, Pre-Fall: Drop-waist


Philosophy, Pre-Fall 2012, Dropwaist


Zara, $49


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