Too Much Heaven: Elvis Crespo’s Suavemente Video

After a few bevies, we all hit the floor feeling like seasoned pros to dance to the club classic Suavemente, but have you ever seen the video? While having a little dance party in my chair today at work, I stumbled upon this hilarious piece of video gold. It’s like stepping into an early 90s dance party! Satin shirts, low ponytails, plastic pants, Chola-style lipstick, bralets, Matrix style sunglasses…there’s too much heaven in this video to simply describe.
The heavy reliance on a green screen to create the beach paradise shots are completely unexplainable…why not head to the actual beach?! Pure magic.



  1. hahaha!!! omg, the video… the fashion… I can’t believe I used to consider that hot. 🙂
    anyway, i used to love this song. whenever it was played at a party, everyone would get up and dance.
    don’t think i’ve ever seen the video… thanks for posting it.

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