Read It Now: An Object of Beauty

Besides trawling the internet for highly sophisticated music videos (exhibit A, below…) there’s a more respectable daily habit I indulge in: reading! So, when I heard that Amy Adams was set to produce and star in the book I’d just finished- An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin, I had to share. This is a great read! Steve Martin (yes, the Steve Martin) is not only a gifted comedian, but a talented novelist.

An Object of Beauty tells the story of Lacey Yeager, a budding art dealer who gets her start at Sotheby’s in the mid-’90s. Lacey’s questionable morals and unmatched ambition take her from Manhattan to Russia and beyond throughout the course of career, as she sleeps her way up the corporate ladder, whilst attempting to make her mark on the NYC art world. It’s clear Martin is highly versed in all elements of art. Not only is this book clever and entertaining, but consider it a crash-course in Who’s-Who of artists, from Cezanne to de Kooning to Pollack, with specific reference to each artistic style, accompanied with photos of the pieces for us ‘ignat folks who need them! A smart and charming read.

An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin


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